CBD Berry Chill Shot


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CBD Drink – Berry CBD Chill Shot – 20mg

WHY 20mg? We think that 20mg is the perfect level of potency for a chill shot, and provides just the right effect for that midday pick-me-up sensation.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You want to enjoy a quick, low-tech refresher during the day that’s tasty and simple to consume. Besides CBD, this Chill Shot is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help you feel your very best. Our Chill Shot contains 200mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that may help regulate anxiety and blood pressure.

WHY CBDFX? Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot contains only the best and purest CBD that Mother Nature has to offer. We’re proud to use only, organic, full spectrum CBD that’s extracted using the clean CO2 method. Each batch is carefully tested by a third-party lab for quality and purity.

HOW DO I USE IT? Simply twist off the cap and drink it down. This shot can be consumed at any time of day.  It’s suggested that you take it all at once for maximum benefits.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot is a completely natural product that contains a relatively low dose of CBD. It’s made from hemp, meaning that you won’t experience any psychoactive effects. The most common side effects reported are mild drowsiness (in some users) and dry mouth.


  • 20mg CBD per 2oz. bottle
  • 200mg of L-Theanine per 2oz. bottle
  • Totally organic, full spectrum CBD
  • No cheap or filler ingredients
  • cGMP-certified and made in the USA


  • Water,  natural berry  flavors, soy lecithin, citric acid, sodium chloride,   sucralose, gellan gum, tocopheryl acetate, sodium benzoate, l-theanine,  cbd rich hemp extract, food grade ethanol


  • I’ve Never Tried a CBD Beverage. What Can I Expect?

    Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot tastes great and is a fantastic way to chill out at key points during your day. You’ll enjoy a mild to moderate dose of CBD that many of our customers use to self-treat various ailments. Verified customer Leah C. loves our Chill Shots, stating that, “I cannot tell you how wonderful these chill shots have been for me. As someone with anxiety, depression, etc. This helps me calm down and relax. I love this product.”

  • Is 20mg Enough For Me To Experience Relief From My Symptoms?

    The only way to find out the answer to this question is to give it a try and see how you feel! 20mg is on the milder side of potency, as this Chill Shot is meant to be more of a midday pick-me-up than a full-blown heavy dose. If you’re looking for something more powerful, try our full strength tinctures or vape juices.

  • Is the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot as Effective as Vaping CBD?

    Even though the Chill Shot contains a low to medium dose of CBD, it should still provide you with all of the potential benefits for which CBD is known. Because our CBD is full spectrum and organic, each and every milligram is loaded with the hemp plant’s natural properties. Many of our customers find that this Chill Shot is all that they need in order to experience relief from their symptoms, such as Diane C. who says, “Great product! Helps me sleep like a champ!”

  • What Are Some of the Benefits of Drinking the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot?

    When you drink our Berry CBD Chill Shot, you’ll be providing your body with all of the beneficial compounds that are found in the hemp plant. CBD is currently being seriously researched for its potential positive effects on pain, anxiety, sleep problems and digestive troubles, just to name a few. Our CBD Berry Chill Shot is infused with L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been found to lower anxiety and help regulate blood pressure.

  • Can I Take the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot Every Day?

    All existing evidence supports the fact that CBD is safe to take on a daily basis regardless of the dosage level. CBD is also considered non-toxic, meaning you cannot overdose on it. Therefore, you can feel comfortable taking our CBDfx Chill Shot each day.


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