This pill really works for 7 days and helps me out.thank you. -Dwoine

The quickest delivery on the planet. Your products are amazing, will order again and again…-Gabe

A buddy introduced me to these pills. He’s the type of guy that has a nose for these things – but I was very, very skeptical, especially since I tried some in the past and they don’t work.

After using these, it changed my mind. I tried the Powerzen plus 2000 on Vday and was able to cap off the night with one of the longest and most intense sessions I’ve had with my wife. I was able to last longer, get in the mood quicker, and be ready for multiple sessions – it’s been ages since I’ve done that. The pill was advertised to last for 3 days, but in reality I didn’t feel anything by day 3. That was a bit of a bummer.

I’ve tried Viagra and a few other generic products, and while some work well, the price was always my biggest problem. These pills are priced a little bit better but they are still too expensive. I would use them more if they came down in price a little – definitely not for daily use. Too expensive!

A little about myself: I am in my early 30’s, have a child, and definitely feel the need for something new and exciting in the bedroom after being married for a few years. It was getting to a point where the sex felt mechanical and I didn’t have the feeling that I used to have when we were still dating. With this pill, sex with my wife didn’t feel like I was having sex with my wife – it felt like sex with an old girlfriend. Just my two cents. Hope this helps! -Franky

I overheard a guy telling the clerk at an adult bookstore I was at talking about this amazing pill he took. I am 50 and have been on every pill under the sun. I have spent over a grand in the past two years – damn insurance. I went over and asked the guy to shoot straight and just tell the truth. He looked me in the eye and stated “If this pill doesn’t get you up I will come back here and suck my own dick in public.”  The clerk even said his wife kicked him out of bed after two hours.

I got it. I was weary of all the crap lies out there and witch doctor pills.

I took it and in thirty five mins I was getting wood just watching a porn which has not happened since I was thirty. My lady was amazed. I was awoken three times during the night with wood hard enough to drive a fucking nail into the assholes who charge over 25 dollars for Viagra. Thanks again for an amazing product that actually works; and for the love of Sex and the poor man; Please keep it affordable. -Tom


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