Our products come in DISCREET packaging from “POWER SP.” We ship fast! (usually within 1 business day). Note: These are transit times and not actual days from order to delivery.

Standard Shipping: USPS First Class option (regular mail) and will take about 3-6 days, but can take up to 7 days.

Priority Shipping: USPS Priority Mail 2-4 days.

Express Shipping: USPS Express 1-2 days with guaranteed 1-2 days from date of shipment to delivery.


We offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please return the remaining items to us and we’ll issue you a full refund. Please contact us to initiate return.

More Shameless Plugs

We are the real deal. We only stock real, authentic products. You may find these products cheaper but be warned that they may not be real. Some sites sell 10 to 12 packages for the price we sell for 1. Does that seem too good to be true? If it does, it might be.

A way to tell if the product is real is if it has lot numbers and expiration dates printed on the back of each package. Ours have it. Others may not. Another way is to check if the official manufacturer stamp is on the package. Ours have it. Others may not. Counterfeit products usually have shoddy, unclear graphics, misspelled words, text that appears copied, and hard printed lot and expiration dates. These dates should always be stamped on the products, not pre-printed.