CBD Hemp Capsules 8ct Pouch 200mg


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CBD Pills 8ct Pouch 200mg

WHY BUY THE 8-COUNT POUCH? 8 capsules x 25mg of CBD per capsule = 200 mg of CBD per pouch. A travel-friendly supply at a low price.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF:  You want the positive benefits of CBD with the convenience of an easy-to-take capsule – and you like buying a smaller number of capsules for travel, price, or any other reason.

WHY CBDFX? CBDfx CBD pills are the best CBD capsules on the market. When you buy CBD capsules from CBDfx, you get full spectrum CBD, which provides all the healing compounds that naturally exist within the cannabis plant (unlike some other cheap CBD pills, which only feature some of the beneficial elements). This is all-natural CBD that comes from plants grown organically at Europe’s best farms. Being organic means no harmful ingredients and no chemicals. CBDfx capsules provide nutrients to nourish the body (including key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins).

HOW DO I USE IT? Follow label directions. Take 1-2 CBD capsules daily. (Many people start with one a day and adjust accordingly.) Some like to take it with food and some like to take it before bed. See what works best for you.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? This is an all-natural, perfectly legal product, and you can expect zero to minimal side effects, including no psychoactive effects. Featuring glycerin and silicon dioxide (two highly digestible ingredients that come from natural sources), CBDfx capsules are a gentle formula that is easy on your stomach.


  • 200mg (8 capsules of 25mg each)
  • CBD oil gelatin capsules with organically-grown CBD
  • Made in the USA


  • MCT Oil, CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Gelatin

  • Take 1 – 2 CBD capsules per day
  • Take CBD capsule(s) with food
  • Take CBD capsules at night before bed time


CBD Capsules 8ct Pouch 200mg FAQ

I’ve never tried CBD.  What can I expect?

Many people are trying CBD for the first time, and CBD capsules are a popular, convenient way to do it. They report great results for anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, headaches, back trouble and other conditions. Jeffi H. tried the CBDfx 8 count pouch as a test to see how well CBD pills worked for her. “I ordered 8 for a trial and am very satisfied with the product. I plant to order the 30-count next time.” Arron W. is a first-timer who had his doubts. “I had had several people suggest I try CBD pills for chronic back pain. I didn’t really think it would make sure a difference, but it did,” he says. “It really works. I was surprised.”

I know there are lots of ways to get the benefit of CBD. Why should I try these CBD capsules?

Yes, there are many ways to consume CBD, including vape pens, tinctures, drinks and creams. But among them all, nothing is easier than taking these simple CBD pills with a defined 25 mg dosage. Through her own experience, Lauren P. has become a proponent. “I recently bought these CBD caps and they’re great,” she says. “I tried lower dosage pills (15mg) but ended up having to take two at once. But this 25mg per cap is perfect for me. It helps my anxiety so so much. I’d rather take this every day than prescription pills. I’m probably going to be using CBD pills for a long time.” For Debbie H., the 8-count pouch was perfect. “I like the option of buying a small size when trying a new (or new to me) product.”

Sara also decided to buy CBD capsules and as a result, has discovered some key advantages. “I found great relief for my joint pain,” she says. “The CBD pills are longer lasting than oil and easier to transport than oil. I will be ordering more soon.” Others have found that CBDfx capsules are a perfect replacement for drugs that bring negative side effects. On the day of a recent surgery, Lanell H. was asked to stop taking all her anti-inflammatory pain medications. CBD pills proved invaluable. “Since I could not eat anything that day, I could not take any pain medication,” she says. “I was allowed to drink a small cup of water and a few pills. I took my CBD capsules, and that helped me make it through until after the surgery! I have found the 25mg strength to be most effective for me. A doctor actually suggested to me to try CBD! It is now part of my daily pain management plan! Thank you CBDfx!!!

Will these CBD pills help with my anxiety?

People everywhere are talking about how CBDfx pills is working them – replacing feelings of anxiety with a welcomed sense of calm and relaxation. For instance, Dave R. says “these were just what I needed. They are perfect when you need to relax after a long day.” Sebrina R. is also a fan. “I love these CBD capsules,” she says. “I have issues with anxiety and I have noticed these helping. I have been feeling a bit more relaxed since trying CBDfx products. I typically will take one before bed. It helps me to really relax before bed so I can fall asleep a lot easier.”

Joy L. is also impressed by the effects she’s experienced. “I’m amazed by this product,” she says. “It definitely helped my anxiety. I look forward to purchasing again in the future.” Melissa K. says it’s easier to deal with the tough parts of her day.  “It’s great stuff,” she says. “I have chronic neck and shoulder pain, but these CBD pills calmed my tense muscles and just helped me feel more relaxed when stressed. I will definitely order more.”

Will CBDfx CBD capsules help me sleep better?

Lots of CBDfx fans take their pill at night, and find it helps wipe away their insomnia. “This product really helps me,” Janice E. says. “It’s good and really helps me sleep at night.” Olga R. struggles with back pain that used to keep her awake most of the night – but not since she decided to buy CBD pills from CBDfx. “These capsules have relieved my sciatic pain and have improved my sleep,” she says. “I still wake up during the night sometimes, but I’m grateful I’m not awake all night like before CBD. I will certainly keep taking them.”

Justin F. is another satisfied sleeper. “I usually take these at night,” he says. “They help me to relax and fall asleep faster.” Amy W. says “I’ve been sleeping so well since I started taking these CBD capsules at night.”

I’ve got back pain. How much can CBD capsules help?

Many back-pain sufferers are reporting good results when they buy CBD pills from CBDfx. Alexandra G. is glad that she can drop other medications in favor of all-natural CBDfx capsules. “I am finally pain free! And I’m finally off of daily Ibuprofen!” she says. “I take one 25mg capsule from CBDfx a day for sciatica due to spinal stenosis, and my pain is managed. And my blood pressure has lowered to normal. Am very happy with this product.”

Others share the same view. Gaby H. says “I take one CBD pill twice a day for back pain. It’s very helpful. I can function a lot better.” Charles A. has also found relief for a longtime back issue. “It helps with the pain management of a combat wound to my lower back,” he says. “It helps me by softening the nerve damage pain. Combined with treatments from my doctor, it helps me greatly with my day-to-day activities.”

What’s in the pouch?

8 capsules x 25mg of CBD per capsule = 200mg of CBD per pouch. A convenient amount for travel or other short-term purposes.


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